Blog2009 ≫ A whole heap of wrong things here But an entertaining read

A massive stack of wrongness in this guide to London1 (via darryl19742 and bagelmouseuk3) but it's an entertaining read and makes me think gor blimey mary poppins, when will we get up to London next? Obviously will spend less time in the pubs on our next visit, but it will be great to take little one places. Even though he can reach further than he can see right now probably.

Nice to see my greasemonkey script is still working4! Went to the library again this week, returning a couple of books, best not pick up any more as I am queued up at home. Returned The Man Who Lost Himself5 about the Tichbourne Claimant6, a massive fraud case of the Victorian era, and also a history of Dutch pirates that wasn't that well written, just gathering together other historical accounts. I've forgotten who it was by already. Now onto The Death Of Dalziel5 which is brilliant, read about half of it waiting for the boy to wake up for his next feed.

The boy is asleep on my lap, lunch time for me too when he wakes up for his, then a stroll down town...

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