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It was the christmas party last night of the place I'm freelancing at, and so far nobody's made it in. Couldbe a very quiet day here... I was a bit early today, this morning's train was early, which was freakish. In other freakishly good train related news, I got two five pound train vouchers as compensation for a couple of recent journeys being delayed, and then on the very same day that happened (days ago now, I'm slipping a bit with this journal), I had the good fortune to be in the actual carriage that has the working hand dryer in the toilets. I had to wash my hands several times just for the novelty of it. I do quite liek the modern design of the trains that we get, they're quite comfortable, and it must have been monstrous to have to get the old style slam-door trains every day, but they didn't get the toilet design right. Hand dryers must have been tucked in as a bit of an afterthought. If they work at all, they're squeezed into a corner such that they can't be used without rubbing your newly clean hands against the dirty surfaces.

Anyway enough toilet talk. In other work news, today is also my last day here, again. They renewed me once, and I think they want me back for at least part of next week too (when am I going to do my shopping?), and there's talk of another map related project that I might be able to help with in the new year. Hopefully I'll have a full time job then, but it's good to know I'll have the option. Got some work for myself I really want to do, and some stuff for friends, and more for popbitch1 and newsbiscuit.com2 and that, I might have to get me a laptop and work on the train.

Another couple of work oddities; there's been a big illuminated billboard in the lobby saying "he is coming" for weeks now, I thought it looked religious, and today there's a film crew down there all set up for a "jesus book signing". I hope it's a wacky Shoreditch prank, and also I hope it doesn't impinge on the free lunch, it's right in the cafe area.

Also on the party tip, it is Clare's christmas party today, I hope you enjoy it my love! And don't get too drunk as we are then off to see Dirty Pretty Things tonight. I can hardly be arsed, but I have tickets. I have spare tickets too, I enthusiastically bought four, do you want to go?

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