Blog2024 ≫ Disturbed sleep

Woke up before the alarm today. Yes alarm on a Saturday because parkrun. Partly what disturbed my sleep was a strange dream, I was at work in London and was supposed to be running at lunchtime (I did this this week) but I got distracted by someone having vintage computer emulators, Atari ST and Commodore Amiga. Don't know where that came from. Mostly what disturbed my sleep I think was Clare putting the heated drying rack on last night, and me worrying that it was burning something like ten pence an hour in the night... When I got up at seven though it turns out she had unplugged it before bed.

Also burning energy right now is my new heated throw from Lakeland. I've put it over my work chair. Yesterday, although it was still cold and the heating should have kicked in, I turned the heating off and just turned this on and it's nice. No-one else is sure about it yet. I thought it was going to be a smash hit. I did get the cheapest one, which looked to be about half off in the sale. Thought I'd be buying more of these once the kids got a sniff of it, but so far it looks like I'm saving more money. Which I can put on the bills... Going to try and mark the times I used it on the energy chart.

I am up in plenty of time for parkrun today, it will not be a rush, I will not get there after they have started. I will not. I will not.

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