Blog2012 ≫ Knackered

I am clearing the garage today, ready for the garage conversion. There was more there than I thought, including some things we have not unpacked since moving in. I have sorted some of that at last, and done a couple of very upsetting tip runs, getting rid of some of the crap I've been hoarding, including a non-working petrol lawnmower that I thought I'd do something with one day. Also gone, a couple of bits of IKEA furniture that we don't have room for and I don't have time to try and find someone who wants them.

I've moved the new shed (the components of) up to the garden, and bought a tarpaulin to cover it all with. I'll get it together one day.

I am absolutely knackered, and I still have the pool table slate to find room for somewhere... I don't think it's going in the loft, I might have to disguise it as a new dining table top.

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