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4OD's annoying-to-use desktop client is off! No more (I hope) endlessly confirming I'm over eighteen and reentering the password just to watch a few episodes of Countdown...

You may have seen or heard rumours in the press about changes to 4oD. As a valued 4oD user we thought we'd let you know exactly what this will mean for you and help clear up any confusion.

No doubt you're already aware that you can watch 4oD Catch-Up on our new improved channel4.com1 (and if you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for?). All the content is streamed which makes it really easy to use, you shouldn't need to download anything - simply find what you want to watch and hit "Play". Oh, and non-Windows users will be pleased to know that 4oD Catch-Up on channel4.com1 is now Mac and Linux compatible.

I had no idea, I don't just browse individual channel's websites. Has my head been too full of pregnancy to hear this news? I like iplayer for how easy it is to use but love 4OD for all its archived content. When they get that all working on the website, it'll be ace.

pauly, honest

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