Blog2006 ≫ Weddingtastic weekender

Might mighty wedding fun at the weekend, but I'm KNACKERED now... Headed back in to London Saturday morning for the wedding of Ralph and Linda at The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce1 (RSA for short), just off The Strand2, and very nice it was too. The ceremony and the reception were both in fabulous vaults underneath the building, and the wedding breakfast (that it was what you call the post ceremony meal isn't it?) was in a rather grand room upstairs.

Me in a tunnel basement sort of thing

I was an usher, and got me a new shirt and tie in celebration of this. Maybe leaving this purchase until the morning of thew wedding was a bit sloppy but I just about got away with it. I thought it was nice, but just retro sought some fashion advice from a chum3:

...the fashion police might pull you over. I also did hear that the pink thing for blokes is long dead and guys should stop doing it...

Hmm, cheers, this is my ten-yearly shirt and tie purchase, I've got to make it last now4... I thought everyone looked great, got some snaps of the wedding here, not all as flattering as they might be, and disappointingly few good ones of the bride and groom themselves, doh!

The food was fab, I had a special menu of some sort of pea soup, far too tasty to be just pea, though they tell me it was vegan. The main was a wild mushroom risotto, set off with some roasted tomatoes. Tonnes of vino-collapso and champagne too, that's why I look like I do in some of the pics5. Much fun, more drinking, then a cheeky real ale nightcap in The Coal Hole next door and back to The Thistle Hotel.

Ralph and Linda dancing at their wedding

Clare and I after the wedding of Ralph and Linda

Me and Ralph and Nic at the wedding

Journey home the next day wasn't such fun, engineering works meant a bus from Ashford to home, but it could have been a lot worse. Good to see different bits of the outskirts of Folkestone on the magical mystery tour that took us through Sandling and Westenhanger, but it was super foggy so didn't get too much of a butchers. Got home, phoned mum, visited mum-in-law, ate chilli pie and rested briefly, before the alarm woke us for work again.

Caution, may contain traces of nuts: BBC has picked up the squirrel eating story from the other day, so's everyone, no, stop this! My nephews will eat very little except chicken, yorkshires, and dessert, so I fail to see a nation of kids being turned onto squirrel cutlets just yet.

PS got any Pokemon cards6? I'm after an Ancient Mew7, an Articuno8, and a Togepi9, to replace some that a nephew had stolen at school...

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