Blog2009 ≫ We got snow this morning

Wasn't expecting that at all, looks lovely but not so helpful for our first day back at work of the year. Just seen Clare off to the station, she's shuffling carefully towards her train right now and hoping it's on time. It's apparently not going to warm up all day, so hope she's OK for getting home. Hope I have a lift in today too. It's days like this when it seems like it would have been a brighter idea to get a car already... That was the plan, to have that all sorted over the christmas period, but I'll get there soon. I'm just terrified of spending large amounts of money.

Our big spending over christmas seems to have worked out OK so far - I assembled the tall boy at last, and it looks good. If I'd not lost the camera I could take pictures for you, will be getting a new one soon, what should we get? The wardrobe is still in pieces in the corner of the room, not assembling that until I can rearrange the room, but at least I can start to think about doing that now I know how to dismantle the pool table...

A few more bits of Habitat radius furniture have sprung up overnight, a blanket box1 in Doncaster, a bench2 in Wigston, and a console table3 in Hillesley. There have been a few more bids on the TV table4 and the coffee table5, so good luck there... All very nice furniture and solid oak, but please remember - don't bid on any of the pieces I'm going for. It's none of these this time, so you're OK...

Did some work on my gigography, each gig now has it's own page, will hopefully make it easier for other people searching for gig info. See (as a completely random example) Nirvana at Birmingham Hummingbird in 1991. Got some more things to add there, maybe even ticket scans. Also found a bundle of random pictures that I had been hosting here on this website for one reason and another. They're all on flickr now, I will try and remember why I was hosting each one and put it back into some sort of context... It's just a distraction from all the really important things I have to do this year, which I am putting off. I was going to make "less procrastinating" my new year's resolution this year, but maybe next year.

Time for work :-(

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