Blog2018 ≫ Wanna buy a coffee table?

I'm about to list an oak coffee table on the ebay, get started on clearing a bit of space. Got a few things I need to get rid of. I bought this one on ebay for 100 a year ago, be nice if I can get that back again, they seem to be going for that sort of price. I bought it as a play table, the drawer was full of playmobil and the fire station and the police station etc were set up on top, but neither boy really plays with those any more so could just do with the space now.

Here it is, go bidding crazy1.


Been meaning to do this for ages, next stop is probably to sell the desk and the sideboard that are in the study. I don't work down there because there's no much room, if I did work down there I would not really need the desk any more as I work on a laptop all the time so don't need the monitor etc. Ironically if I got rid of the desk I think it'd be easier to work down there...

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