Blog2006 ≫ Clotto

From, though I first read it in The Sun yesterday, shame on me... poor Fareham / Gosport man:

Ecstatic Steve Moseley danced on his desk, threw money from his wallet at colleagues and told his boss to stick his job after being convinced he had won a fortune. He also sent an office junior scampering out to buy him a bottle of expensive champagne and rang his girlfriend, telling her he was going to buy an Aston Martin. But after ringing lottery operator Camelot the 36-year-old from Gosport was stunned to discover he had mistaken the number 16 for 15 on his 24 Karat Gold scratchcard. The red-faced salesman begged for his job back from Mike Earle, his boss at Fortnums cars dealers in West Street, Fareham, and was re-hired. But facing constant ribbing from his colleagues, Mr Moseley resigned a couple of days later and has now started working for another car dealer.

Speaking of clots, we completely failed to win the quiz at The Ship, very poor, very very poor.

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