Blog2005 ≫ Roasted Tomatoes

Bah, making lunch, thought I'd have a hummus and roasted tomato baguette, like what they used to do in Pret. Rick Stein says they take nearly two hours... so, it's going to be hummus and half roasted tomatoes.

Had a fairly constructive day yesterday, didn't go out, but reorganised and rewired my computer area, tidied things up a bit. Got the camera sorted, so there are a load more pics up here. Opened up the computer and put in more memory, a Firewire card, and a DVD burner. Not tested any of it out yet, but the computer powered right back up again and appears to be working, so that's a start.

Going for a walk after lunch, with a big bag of nuts, to try and find more squirrels.

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