Blog2008 ≫ Google / Yahoo MERGER!

Well, no actually, not at all but Google are serving ads on some of Yahoo's pages. What about Yahoo serving ads in Google's "slots" (like the ones on this page)? I want more different ads served up here, so more people are likely to click on them and then I'll make some money!

While I'm doing news, I'm loving all the Olympic disruption, not quite sure why. Not a great fan of the Olympics like the wife is, it does seem a lot of money's being spent there that could be used more usefully elsewhere. It's great that massive corporate effort being put into promoting China is backfiring, it feels like the little guy is benefiting from all the publicity.

Also this new episode of Shameless1 is not as funny as I'd been led to believe. Can't find much on TV right now that I like, we're still going on with Boston Legal and edumacating ourselves with The World At War.

It's a special day today at work, not one of our "fun days", but we have a load of corporate guests in so we've all been asked to put a clean shirt on and tidy our desks and stuff. There's a huge old marquee in the carpark for a lunch for the guests, so there's no parking, so we have busses running staff to and from [fg=stop 24]the motorway services[/fg]. Also Kriss Akabusi is in to do an after dinner speech. No, not "awooga", that was John Fashanu on Gladiators you massive racist.

💬 Bizz-Art Exhibition at the Leas

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