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William Maurice Webb, 32, of Fareham Road, Gosport, Hampshire, is accused of killing 23-year-old barmaid Felicity Paget at her ground-floor flat in Queen's Road1, The BBC has more. My Grandad always used to drink in The Five Alls2, right round the corner from there, though I've never been in there myself.

I did some work this weekend on being able to link to my own maps with the little things already popped open, though it's not finished yet. Didn't do much that was non-computery this weekend, after a few catch up drinks in the Coal Hole with my ushers, I went home and we mostly sat about the flat playing Scrabble.

Getting a bit nervous now that there are less than two weeks to go and some of my internet christmas shopping's not hear yet.

Mighty, mighty boom or what? I didn't see or hear any of this apart from on TV, but the brother in law in Folkestone says he did.

Also, then Richard Pryor3. I'm sure there's plenty of room for everyone to tell you what a genius he was, but I'll leave you with my favourite of his films; Silver Streak4. Not sure why that's my favourite, maybe it's the first one I saw.

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