PopEx ≫ 2002 ≫ Secret Work for the Government

Darkness are supporting Disturbed at Brixton Academy...

I am away doing secret work for the government again this week1 and someone just wheeled K9 into the office. Not the real one though (he is real) but a life sized model someone made. Cool. Anyway, just taking a five minute breather to tell you about these Disturbed tour dates:

Brixton Academy, Sunday 1st December

Manchester Uni, Monday 2nd December

Nottingham Rock City, Thursday 5th December

Why do I point this out? Because THE DARKNESS are supporting at Brixton - this will be their biggest date so far and is almost as exciting as the time Atom Seed supported Pop Will Eat Itself at the same venue.

Yeah, plus three, that would be great.

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Wed Nov 13 2002

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