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Welcome back after the christmas break, hope you had a good one. We did, felt a bit quiet though, no big late nights or anything. Kind of handy really, as I'm back in work today, I volunteered to be in on these (hopefully) quiet days between christmas and new year.

Last night: GOOD. We went to the Chambers christmas quiz, there were free drinks for all, and presents and hats and sweets, and a bundle of spot prizes during the quiz; I picked up a bottle of champagne for my speedy recognition of a Meat Loaf track, nice! We were in the lead after the first two rounds, which got us a bit of a shout out for the website which was nice, and we were in the running right up until the end, but then we somehow dropped twenty three points to another team on the music round. There were about fifty of them on their team, and they obviously cheated, and we were only three for most of the quiz and good gracious losers and not at all bitter, oh no... I stayed a bit later than I ought, seeing as I had work today.

Our team was slightly embiggened to start with, as I met up with Friend Neil1 and his girlfriend who were staying down in Sandgate with family, and very nice it was to see them too. they left us early to disappear for an outdoor hot-tubbing, because you can do that sort of thing down here on the coast, becuase it's that much nearer the equator.

This morning I just about got up for work on time, had breakfast and everything, but had a FORTY minute wait at the station, because I didn't realise they'd changed to a Saturday service today, bah... don't see why there shouldn't have been a normal service, it's not a public holiday or a weekend or anything. Any excuse for them to mess things up I think.

Visiting a friend tonight, and then a curry - and not even a takeaway! My body is here at work, but my spirit is partying like it's christmas

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