Blog2018 ≫ Time to start packing for another little trip

Now I'm unpacked from the weekend at mum and dad's, next time I need to use this the bags will be when we go to Center Parcs, so I can start packing again! However instead of using the time to actually pack and prepare things, I have an idea for an app, that lives inside my calendar, and reminds me to pack things at different times. I know I need to get clothes ready a couple of days before, pack my washbag the night before we go, charge up my devices the night before, pack chargers in the morning, pack phone at the last minute, etc. Would be good to have little phone reminders every time I add a trip into my calendar, so I'm going to write something to do this. Or at least try. And put off the actual packing.

UPDATE: I did write something1, and it's working nicely!

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