Blog2006 ≫ BBC fights Blue Peter badge sales

Badgetastic, there are still tonnes of Blue Peter Badges on sale1 though, going for crazy prices - is this the ebay guerillas spoiling the auctions? Nice work!

Sadly finished Nathan Barley2last night, it's a brilliant series, and should be compulsory viewing for anyone who works on the fringes of any of the industries pilloried in it. We did see it a bit when it was on TV, but it's better for a second viewing.

Nice day today, first day of the year I've not worn a coat, bring on the Spring! The only downside to the new bright and sunny weather has been that I can't shut myself indoors and watch telly all day, as we have no curtains, so the glare on the screen's a bit of a nightmare... well it WAS, but as of TODAY, we have swanky new blinds. At least I hope they're swanky, they're sort of brown and sort of suede-esque and they're being fitted today while we're at work. clare is away this weekend at that Cure gig at the Albert Hall3, so while my plan was to do a bit of DIY and cooking, I'm more likely now to make myself hungry watching Saturday Kitchen, have two pot noodles for lunch and then just sit and slob the rest of the afternoon...

Still got a problem with our Amazon list, they say we have a disk that we don't... this is as a result of the garbled gibberish support mail they sent me I think. It's a shame, the Amazon rental scheme seems to be getting worse, we've had a few problems with them not sending disks that they should, and now claiming to receive disks we've not sent, as a result they've lost a disk we did send. Also the next three series we have lined up to watch (Monk2, House2, and The Sopranos2) all have a short wait on them, bah... Now I'm trying to report the problem above and am just getting bounced to an error page - of course you can't email in your comments.

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