Blog2009 ≫ Another successful sleep through the night

The boy I mean, but also me! Well mostly, I woke up strangely early and woke Clare up too, being a bit confused about what time it was.

Busy at work, successful launch of a new thing! But I can't really show it to you as it's a sort of extranet for travel agents, and chances are you are not one of our travel agents. There was talk of filming the launch of this new thing and us all cheering and it going on youtube, not sure if that happened or not, I think I must have been out of the room.

Got chauffeured in to work today, Clare and the boy are off on a jolly somewhere, hope they remember to pick me up again.

Wishing a bit that I was at Edinburgh, like chum Darryl1 is. But at least it's lovely and sunny here, seems to be raining there2. Not long to our holiday to the lakes, making plans to do a Go Ape3 while we are there, if I can fit it in among all the beer I plan to drink.

Yep javascript on here still borked, I have just wasted my spare lunch time I could have spent fixing it in writing this blog post, bah.

UPDATE: seems I can show you what we've been working on, there's a youtube:

javascript: Programming language of the internets, mostly how I make my living.

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