Blog2005 ≫ UK Radio Aid

"Today is the most extraordinary day ever in radio. Every commercial station in the UK is broadcasting UK Radio Aid1 - a day of very special guests, presenters and activity to raise money for the Tsunami appeal. You'll never hear anything like it again"

I hope not, how much do I have to give to be sure? Chris Evans just finished and now it's time for Simon Bates!

Good weekend, paid the scaffolder, the fireplace is being fitted this week... made an attempt to go to a recommended curry house The India on Rendezvous Street, but after walking all the way there on a particularly freezing Friday night, it was shut. Noticed Paul's and Shanel's Brasserie were both deserted too, not a good time of year for restaurants I suppose. Called in Chambers for one (it was heaving) then home for a particularly good takeaway delivery from Cheriton Balti.

Saturday went somewhere different, The Globe in Hythe2... quiet pub, but nice. It's a Shepherd Neame with two small bars. Sunday just sat about, all the money is spent on the forthcoming fireplace...

We finished the first two disks of Angel and are waiting on the next ones being delivered too...

Technorati implement blog link tagging, it's a bit like I think, don't think it'll work for my blog posts, though I've marked up my links section3 and might rejig my wiki links - that's all those internal links that don't seem to go anywhere. First I thought this was just to encourage people to link to technorati, but maybe it's benevolent. Here's theTechnorati Folkestone page...

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