Blog2011 ≫ An embarrassing and humiliating defeat at the Britania quiz last night

Was a tougher quiz than previously, hence our fairly poor score of 74.5% However the embarrassing bit was one of our team deciding we'd been harshly marked and deserved an extra point, conferred with the team who we thought had marked our paper, agreed it, changed it, and handed it in. It turned out the team who had actually marked our paper were half a point below us in the final scoring, complained we were cheating and so we took our mark off again. Then we lost in the tie break with them.

Someone in the pub appeared to be using the google on their mobile phone too, that's not nice.

Still doing lots of work for the cloud, it's a bit bitty, fixing things that are broken, but actually interesting. Yesterday I used google custom search api to replace a whole server, pleased with that.

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