Blog2005 ≫ Wireless

Got TWO computers fired up wirelessly at home now, things are going well! I've done my chores for the day (got my driving license sent off, and found a PA to hire for the wedding reception) and Clare's out at a dress fitting so I have the rest of the afternoon to myself. Got the new free computer from Clare's work hooked up wirelessly, that's how I'm posting this.

Quite pleased that I've learned XSL today, which is needed for my Folkestone interactive map google map hack... At first I copied examples from the google map group, but then I realised they were mixing their design into their XML, which is slightly defeating the object... so, I've normalised my XML as much as possible and used the simple programming functionality of XSL to display things how I want. I still want more pictures of Folkestone pubs in there but if you go to the map and say you're looking for real ale and darts, you can see an example that does work nicely, The Harbour. Hey, someone tell me how smart I am!

Not sure what to do with the rest of the day, it's still pretty hot, we must go out somewhere this evening...

💬 Gate 28

💬 some xsl links

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