Blog2024 ≫ Febrewery 11/9

Finally got another pub in! Just about.

Busy morning of work, did a little workshop trying to get some people interested in my new Splunk dashboards, might have worked. People did actually ask me to show them, I didn't have to twist anyone's arm. Could have done with more time to work on them, but had to run, to get the train up to London, and then on to Welwyn Garden City.

Got the free parking, and collected my work-paid-for ticket from the machine successfully so all good. I did have half an idea that I'd get to the station really early and go in the Nailbox but the morning ran away with me. I did have twenty five minutes to wait for my connecting train when I got to Kings Cross, so could I do it..? Yes I could! Up the stairs to The Parcel Yard, and half a pint of Tiny Rebel's IPA. Quite good, though I did have to bolt it slightly, no time to savour it.

So my Febrewery list so far:

  1. The Potting Shed, Hythe.
  2. The Bouverie Tap, Folkestone.
  3. The Radnor Arms, Folkestone.
  4. The Chambers, Folkestone.
  5. The British Lion, Folkestone.
  6. The Ship, Folkestone.
  7. Blackmarket, Folkestone.
  8. Kipps' Alehouse, Folkestone.
  9. The Samuel Peto (Wetherspoons), Folkestone.
  10. Harvey's, Folkestone.
  11. The Parcel Yard, Kings Cross, London.

Beer at Kings Cross station

Got a meal deal in Waitrose and just made my train to Welwyn.

Only a half hour journey from Kings Cross to Welwyn, quite doable. Fifteen minute walk maybe at the other end to the office. My pass worked, I could just sit at a desk there and work. The office there is quite nice probably, a bit campus like. I hardly saw any of it though. Half hour of helping someone else out with a Splunk query (I'm quite the go to guy now) and then into the main building for the social event. There were free drinks, not just the lager that was originally touted. I had a prosecco. Then into the auditorium for a quick video celebrating our achievements over the past year, and then the talent show. The host was Richard Jones who won Britain's Got Talent in 2016, and the acts I saw, all colleagues, were; singing pianist, poetry recital, singing guitarist, blindfolded chess player, and another singing guitarist. Then it's 5pm and I'm off home again. Slightly slower walk back the other way as I only had map directions which didn't have the shifty shortcuts I'd followed on the way there, but now could not remember.

There were cocktails and curry and more later in the evening part of this social, but I had to get back, and wanted to get back. I got back home about half seven, collecting the boys on the way.

Disappointed that Nine Dragons does not delivery here, I am hungry. Some food in the Ninja instead then.

Hardly time to use the free energy1, it was free from midday to 3pm today. I did time the tumble dryer to come on then, so a bit.

Now to watch a film with the boys2.

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