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The boy celebrated Clare's first day at work with a mighty spew

Clare's first day in her new job today and JUST as she's heading out of the door the boy did a mighty massive spew. Hope it's not a sign of something, probably just that I was throwing him about a bit too much and put him on his tummy too soon after his breakfast. He's happy enough and has gone off to Granny's for the day now.

Good luck lover!

UPDATE: The boy is still happy and has eaten his lunch ok.

UPDATE UPDATE: Clare's first day went well, except she has to drive a four wheel drive when she goes between one office and the next as it is at South Foreland lighthouse1.

The boy is quite happy but not 100%. Putting the sofa covers in the washing machine didn't quite do it, so I'm putting them through again... It's a good job we never have people round, because there's no way I'm getting a new sofa just for a few vomit stains. At least we have the memories of how it used to look.

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