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Done far too much since my last posting to remember it all, but here's a go... Thursday was my last proper day at work, though they've asked me to stay on for another week, so that's christmas paid for. That night we were out for the popbitch1 christmas party, a wine tasting event at Planet of the Grapes2, and it was great. We weren't expecting there to be a competitive edge to it, though we did very well on spotting the white wines, and slightly less well on the reds. Reds were second, to be fair, and there was no spitting out involved, so maybe we got a bit squiffy. Friday was our commuters bowling cup, starting in Ashford, then on to the pubs of Folkestone, and a meal at Kalala. Took in Bar Brevet for the very first time, it's meant to be a private members type thing, but they didn't complain, we did fly in and out quite fast. Looked nice in there. Also did The Park Inn and Skuba, each less nice really.

Saturday, a day in Canterbury, shopping. Top lunch in Wagamama, and a brief stop in a pub I've always liked the look of, The Three Tuns. Had a bit of a boisterous crowd in there, but it was a great place, big fireplaces and oak panelling and a proper feeling of being in a nice old pub. Had a night in last night to compensate for all the previous going-out-ness. Watched Tristram Shandy amongst other things, and it was a bit rubbish really.

Hmm, not actually all that much that needed remembering, unless I've forgotten of course. Cleaning and shopping and other such domestic chores today, but at least the weekend's not over yet. I've got an interview tomorrow, really keeping my fingers crossed for this one as it's local and sounds suitable. Will have the rest of the day free wether it goes well or not. Back working in London for the following four days, and then starting christmas in earnest...

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