Blog2005 ≫ Magpie

Saw a little tiding of magpies outside the flat this morning (oh yeah that's another thing I will miss, the wildlife out the back window that I never quite manage to catch on film), but they were brown. Not seen this before, thought maybe they were babies, but am still looking for pictures online of what a baby magpie should look like. They were regular black and white magpie colouring mostly but were reddish brown around their heads and chests. Tried to get some pics, but didn't get the camera in time. Also completely failed to snap the gap where that Please drive by carefully in our village bridge was in Dalston, it's all gone now.

Installing Thunderbird1 today, so I can get my work email and my gmail in the same place hopefully... got the receiving bit working, but not the sending. Reading A short history of nearly everything2 now, as part of my read all the books everyone else has already read plan. Just finished Vernon God Little2 and didn't really think much of it.

Oh yes, a tiding is the collective name for magpies... You live, and also you learn.

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💬 Brown magpies, eh?

💬 Please drive-by carefully

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