Blog2018 ≫ Twenty five years ago was the first gig I went to at the Wedgewood Rooms

Twenty five years and two days ago actually, 3rd of March. And not the first thing I went to I think I saw Sean Hughes there before that, but this was the first gig. Normally I'm right on top of these things, but I have not written up anything from the past few days. Just got the computer out to log some records into, seeing if they're worth anything as I bundle them into the loft. And I got to this record and I remembered I had noticed the twenty-fifth anniversary of that gig coming up. Not a memorable gig, except that it was free, maybe that was what lured me in there. Not a valuable single either, might get 35p for it. Not found anything that anyone would put a value on yet I think, except maybe an Oasis single and the first Manson (aka Mansun) single Take It Easy Chicken. But I'm about 5% of the way through these boxes of junk so far, maybe there is a jewel in there.

I have the time to do this because I took a bonus day off; Thing Two was sick at bed time last night so we kept him off school. He went a bit quiet right at bed time, then got up again because laying down made him feel sick. He stood in the bathroom for age, and suddenly there was huge projectile spewing. Luckily Clare caught it all... Little sausage is absolutely fine today, so we have had a fun day at home. We've done some crafts and some reading and some maths, I think he has got his four times table down now. He knows most of his sixteen times table too, because Thing One has been learning that one and he's picking it up by osmosis. I'm very proud of how clever they both are.

Just collected Thing One from school and now going to just sit for an hour until Clare gets home from work, then we have parents evening for them both.

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