Blog2011 ≫ Got the TV connected up with no wires

Can't really appreciate the full beauty from this picture but I have got the new telly talking to the sky box without wires at last. That was yesterday, today I've taken it all down again so as to decorate the room, hope it's all still working when I put it back.

Have skyped Clare twice now which has been great, she is having a good time but missing us as much as we are missing her.

I have moved the Sky plus box inside the cupboard in the front room now too, everything is concealed now. I bought a Magic Eye especially for the Sky box, as although I already had a remote repeater for everything else, it didn't work with the sky box. Typically though now I've moved everything it just seems to be working, without me doing any of this malarky1. The light on the old remote repeater is coming on and the new one is not, which tells me it must be that the old one is just working... not sure if I should take the new one back. It was dead cheap anyway, from Toolstation. I think I'll keep it in case I can reuse it later.

While the boy was napping today I managed to start a bit of painting, I will have our bedroom all done by the time Clare comes back. As with all of the little jobs I'm doing this week, the difference will be barely noticeable, but I'll know I've done it.

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