Blog2007 ≫ I love the smell of salami in the morning

The office is liberally decorated with german sausage this morning, the company just launched a new service selling Europa Parks1, tickets and hotels and all that and to celebrate we have a smorgasbord of German food, if that's not a contradiction. There is some wine too, but it's alcohol free.

Leaving work at lunchtime today, off to QI which I am sure will be great, and getting a cheeky late lunch and a pint somewhere before that. It's a shame the timing of the filming doesn't allow us to meet up with anyone else really, as soon as it's over we have to come back.

Trains were pretty poor yesterday, for the first time since I've been doing this local journey. This fire cause chaos on the trains, I was stuck at Westenhanger for 45 minutes, then as soon as we got on a train it got stuck in a tunnel for the same sort of time because of a signal failure. It took as long to do the five miles or so home as it used to take to get back from London.

Nearly time to go, and then got a half day tomorrow too, great.

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