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The BBC are a bit annoying at the moment aren't they? If they're not punking the the queen with crazy video pranks, they're ripping off the public with phoney competitions. Why not get rid of the licence fee, and replace it with a subscription for BBC services? "Oh no", I hear, "then the BBC would be forced to lower standards and chase ratings in order to compete". Seems to me it's already chasing ratings at every opportunity and there's a bit too much of the BBC trying to be the news instead of just reporting the news (OK, I read this somewhere and am just repeating it, but I do like it). Every day on BBC Breakfast one of the lead stories is about something the Beeb itself has done, this doesn't seem quite right. Also there are a few too many Fame Academy / Strictly Come Bull Fighting type shows on all the time.

I didn't think I liked ITV, but we do seem to spend a lot of our time watching old crime dramas on ITV3, plus we watch a lot of TV productions on DVD.

I'm not saying I wouldn't subscribe to BBC services (I like lots of Radio 2 and we've been watching a good documentary about Bombay the last couple of days on BBC4), but people should have the choice.

A petition1. Um, not many sign ups yet.

Yeah, more holiday writeup coming soon. Where was it I went again? Seems like ages ago, I'm struggling to remember what I liked and what I didn't.

Nice weather where you are? Looking a bit stormy here in Folkestone, but we've not had the threatened ten inches of rain yet...

Possibly going out in Hythe tonight with some people from work. Just to keep you up to date on my movements.

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