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Hi Paul

Love your Popex and Celebdaq software and was hoping it would be possible to pay you to make a charity version so people can trade on popularity of items and raise funds for charity that way? How much would it cost to you to develop this using open source software?

I was hoping we could work with you to solve other social issues/sectors by reskinning and making the software open source so many different problems can be solved eg health? My previous experience is below and i have access to funding as well as a few simple ways to enhance any startup:)

I previously set up and managed a network at Progreso with Oxfam which was a pioneering Fair Trade coffee shop plus have social media/marketing experience from the BBC. I also have just made to share simple video's and show one UI/X design example of how I would love to help enhance your work (with auto video embedding:) I also invented and made the award winning in 50 shops across the UK AND have traveled round India for half a year so would love to work remotely and come over to help invent education resources with your team.

  1. I love your website and was hoping we could help you raise awareness of your services AND save lives by creating free or open source charity applications using part of your great code/app's (we can do the branding/marketing of this which benefits your organisation and would like to partner with you to use your technology).

  2. Can I help enhance your great website... One example of a video auto embed website is below (that may brighten up your day:)

We made the prototype at but would like to work with you to make a CMS site that enables anyone to set up their own selfless charity project in a couple of clicks. If you are able to do this with us lets get this up and running asap. (essentially a Drupal/Joomla site:) There are some exciting Drupal add on modules being released so we would like to use this. Are you able to set up Drupal sites? And what is your cost to do so (can you set up the site in a week at what cost using the existing free Drupal modules?)? (we are a volunteer group but have collected donations that we can use to fund this).

  1. Can I help enhance your organisation in other simple proven ways eg by becoming a charity you GAIN massive goodwill like wikiedpia AND you can get rich with performance pay... With the up to 99% of failure in the commercial startup arena (often hidden) I am very interested in helping anyone help anyone with selfless collaboration platforms (that share/save/build on failure:) that empower people. I made to explain how you can benefit:)

  2. Do you know any programmers I can work with on innovative charity startups that will enable everyone to help everyone (easily and cheaply using open source software:)? Can we work with you on making a Drupal Open source Education Crowdsource website EG

We should get a coffee to talk over how to help everyone most. Which way do you think we can work together?



Edward Whyman

Skype - Whymandesign

Twitter - @whymandesign

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