Blog2010 ≫ Quiet day today

Musing on Harry's genius.

Everyone is clearly winding down to christmas. Possibly meant to be in London today, but I've come in to the office instead as it was not clear. Lots of snow still on the fields near work, and a spooky mist over everything too, looks nice.

Been looking back over some old blog posts, wishing I'd had more to say at the time so I would be able to daydream and reminisce with a bit more clarity. But today, writing this, I don't really have any more details to add, so I probably didn't at the time.

Working tomorrow, then that's it for nearly two weeks. Going out for Clare's christmas do tomorrow, she has only invited me so I will drive. It's somewhere in Dover, I keep forgetting where. Last time I went to Dover I actually forgot the way to where I was going and ended up driving round for ages. At least this time Clare will be in the car with me.

Clare read somewhere recently that by eighteen months a child should be using between six and twenty words properly (not just repeating sounds that you make), but The boy is this age and is using LOADS. He is clearly a genius. This morning when he'd finished his breakfast (he knows says and signs "milk" and "toast" and says and points to "tea", so that's three for starters) I asked him if he'd finished, and what should we do with the leftover toast, and he pointed to the back door and said "birds". OK maybe you have to know what he's saying, I'm not saying I would put him on University Challenge or anything just yet. But, he is very clever. Particularly advanced for his age, I feel a bit sorry for other parents who aren't able to say things like this and feel as happy and proud as I am.

Been watching some old "Best of The Tube" on Sky Arts this week. Mostly it's not very good, but there's one with Vic Reeves aged about 12 on it, and Michael Stipe with long hair that is interesting.

Hummus and bagels for lunch, and I might have this economy pot noodle too, more out ofo boredom than anything else. It was meant to be bagels OR pot noodle for lunch.

Man it's quite around here, it's making me a bit mad.

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