Blog2018 ≫ Bad weather again today, and no run

I only didn't run because I don't want to do every day. I need to rest so as not to cause myself a mischief, but today would not have been nice weather to go out in. Is raining quite hard. However, I would be feeling better than I do now where I've just lazed in and lost a couple of hours.

I worked on my Slack / Fitbit mash-up again last night, I have it working, but it still seems like either a) I can't distribute it or b) I need a server to host it on, as it needs a secret security key that I should not share. Going to look into some serverless options.

Boys are doing homework right now, one is doing a materials hunt around the house, finding things to take pictures of. The other is excitingly planning a holiday to the USA! Nice coincidence that this homework came up precisely when we are really planning this trip. He's looking at theme parks, I need to do this too. Which ones to go to if we only have a week in Orlando? I had always EPCOT in mind as a good option, but having a quick scan of it I'm not so sure. I really want to avoid the whole Disney dress up princess thing, I thought that was all at the Magic Kingdom, but maybe not. I think we have Universal Studios and Kennedy Space Centre on the list, but still to confirm. I will see what thing one comes up with...

Shopping being delivered soon, then an afternoon of cleaning and tidying I think, not going anywhere, bit of a dull day.

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