Blog2011 ≫ Free curry and booze!

Work night out in Hythe, nice one!

Was entertaining @felixge who is consulting for us at work this week, so first to drinks at the Three Mariners and then on for a curry at The Everest. I say I was entertaining, I was probably quite entertaining with my jokes and so on, but really work were paying for us all. I hope work are paying anyway, I have a fat receipt in my pocket that I am hoping to get some cash back for. Had a very nice time anyway, the Three Mariners is really a brilliant pub.

@felixge is over helping us out with some nodejs, interesting stuff.

Been in London today, had a really productive day, seemingly got about three days estimated work out of the way. Got a night in on my own tonight, now the boy is in bed anyway. Clare has gone back to the quiz at The Britannia, hoping to do better than last week's second place. We'll see.

I'm listening to this podcast from MJ Hibbett's Totally Acoustic night, mostly because Jenny Lockyer is on it. Then watching The Last Detective because Clare watched it last night, so then we will be in sync again. A fine evening I'm sure you'll agree.

nodejs: Js (programming language of the internets) on the server side.

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