Blog2007 ≫ Mail bomber hits Folkestone

Everyone's picked up on this mail bomber story, not sure why a house in Folkestone has been linked in to this though... The Sun says1:

On February 3, another device was sent to the home of security boss Michael Wingfield, 53, in Folkestone, Kent.

Mr Wingfield, who nearly lost an eye, said: There were three letters, two for my son and one addressed to the old company. I gave my wife the two for my son and the other one . . . bang. On Monday a woman was injured by a bomb at the offices of Capita, which runs Londons congestion charge system.

All the other targets seem to have been companies a disgruntled motorist had a grudge against, maybe this security company were wheel clampers or something like that. If all these bombs had a Cambridgeshire post mark it shouldn't be too hard to track this mental down.

Much snow today, took some pictures this morning on the way in of sheep, hope they turn out OK. The wife gets a bonus day working at home for fear of being stranded in a snow drift somewhere.

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