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Saw on the local news that four Kentish fire centres are to be replaced with one in Fareham... seems like a sensible idea to me, though I might be missing something. This is only replacing the operations centres, answering calls and assigning jobs, but from some hysterical responses you'd think all fire crews would now be based in Fareham. That's my home town btw. Centralising these things seems to make sense, BUT governmental centralising schemes don't have the best track records, particularly with respect to IT. There will be strikes, and upset, maybe it's justified, I'm not sure. Thanks to google alerts for that local update...

Watched two more episodes of LOST last night, I am now skipping far beyond where UK TV is. So I should stop talking about stuff probably. I can't even go discuss this in a forum somewhere as there will be people ahead of me spoiling things, damnit...

Staying LATE in London tonight, well, getting the 8pm train, as we're off to some kind of after work popbitch cocktail do bar relaunch thing. SO, Fresh and Wild for tea!

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Wed Oct 12 2005

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