Blog2010 ≫ Free book for the people of Folkestone

A library promotion.

Clare got some more Candace Robb from the library this week and was persuaded to take an extra book, Framed1 by Frank Cottrell Boyce. There is a plan to get everyone in the town reading the same book for some reason. It's about a run down village that gets some kind of art based regeneration, that's the local connection. It seems to be written for younger readers (maybe the average reading age round here is not impressive) but is similar in style to The curious incident of the dog in the night time1. Will be a quick read, I have dropped the two books I'm in the middle of to read this one, won't take long. Going to start taking books to work to read at lunch instead of just sitting at my desk.

Had some more thoughts about my amazon / library mash up, wish I'd done it a bit differently and made it check for updates automatically when it's used. I will work this into the next version.

If you install that script you can see lots of local libraries have lots of copies1. There's another update, don't report the same library twice, and I should rewrite it as a real Firefox addon, and a Jetpack plugin.

OK, you can always get books for free from the library, but this is a bonus extra book that people didn't plan to take. Kind of stretching the meaning of the word free there. The book is free, to visit people that weren't expecting it.

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