Blog2006 ≫ Weekend, in reverse order

Hmm, from an email from Doctor Neil1:

Then went to look at the boat, the boat is OK, though the water is still a bit too shallow, hopefully my Rain Dancing will fix that

Nice dancing skills mate, it's pleuting it down like nobody's business in London and was also jolly wet in Folkestone this morning. Actually this weather is OK by me, I did some gardening at the weekend, prepared the ground and planted some veges, I hope they need this much water. We planted some leeks and some courgettes that we bought at a car boot sale on Saturday. We had a fortifying lunch laid on, and then set to turning over the vegetable patch and digging in some fertiliser. Tiring work, but it didn't actually cripple me so I might give it another go. Self sufficiency is a step closer (so long as we only eat leeks and courgettes and slugs). I've got some peppers at home, and some chillis, which I'm going to look after indoors until they're a bit bigger.

Back to Saturday, which saw a visit from my parents and my Nan (on what would have been my Grandad's 80th birthday. We had lunch out in Sandgate at my favourite local "Mexican fusion" restaurant - it is my favourite restaurant and it is a fusion of Mexican and other cuisines, it's not that we have a tonne of this type of restaurant. Clare and I went for our usual steak and polenta double bill, but I also had some of Mum's vegetable paella which was fantastic (paella she ordered, she didn't make it). The menu is all online now2 too. The lunch menu is especially bargainous.

Spent the afternoon reading the paper (very odd to see a friend's picture on the front of The Guardian, though I knew this article about popbitch was going in), and also opening up my IPOD! The replacement battery arrived, and the surgery seems to have gone smoothly, it's all powered back up again, nice one Maplin3. The hardest bit was opening the case, mostly because of being overly cautious about doing any damage, but there was no soldering involved, just unplug, and plug in again.

Even later that day, we went out on the large in Hythe, and came back to ours for a few more drinks. We weren't loud or late, but we did get an ANONYMOUS NOTE in our pigeonhole this morning. I guess they don't want a complaint to be traceable in case it causes them problems when they come to sell up, you have to declare these sorts of things. It did say that noise travels through the walls, floor and ceiling, so we'd not tell which flat it was. I'm not really a nuisance neighbour I swear.

From from all you need to know about Father Ted4.

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