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We're off to IKEA, so in case it ends in a death SEEYA!

It's a lovely sunny bank holiday, so it would be foolish for me to stay inside all day on the computer. So we're off out! To a HUGE inside with no daylight in at all! Yes IKEA, North of the river and everything! IKEA traditionally leads to arguments, so I'll say goodbye now in case we end up killing each other.

Only going to look at duvet covers really. We have loads, but we don't like any of them, the only one that has lasted well and that we like came from IKEA originally we think, so we're off for a look. I say that's all we're going for, and I swore to people at work on discussing this that we wouldn't impulse buy anything. HOWEVER, as if it were some sort of sign, the day we decided to go the power supply in our lamp in our lounge went POP)! So we need a new lamp. Coincidentally (or even more of a sign) that lamp came from IKEA, an impulse buy when I moved into Clare's flat in Stokey all those years ago... We have a bit more of a list now too, maybe some more coathangers, maybe an ironing basket. Yeah real exciting stuff!

If anyone wants anything, text me, you've got about an hour...

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