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CRACKING day today in Folkestone, was like Summer here

VERY good day today, not just because we had the scan and it all went well, but the day itself was great. HOT, SUNNY, it was like SUMMER. Drove home at lunchtime along the seafront (as Operation Stack1 was on) and everyone was out, Bar Vasa looked to be busy despite it being a work day.

Went and hired a van so we could move the pool table. There was rain overnight, so the pool table had puddles of water on it. Think the bubblewrapping helped keep it safe.


Dom basically lifted it into the van while I watched, we nipped round the in-laws to throw a bed into the mix and took it all round to Dom's house. All unloaded, with only one broken foot (not mine) and Clare and I got off to the scan in plenty of time.

Got a night in on my own this evening, as Clare has gone off to ladies night ante-natal class, hence all the larking about on the computer instead of watching TV together. Think I have sorted the popbitch2 feed so it updates on @popbitchnews3. Also fixed up my geocoding stuff on @ticketbot4 - I wrote it all at the weekend, just threw it together really and was pleased that I was getting some results out of it, didn't really test it properly (though please note, this is not how I do stuff at work). Saw today it was recommending a gig in Wolverhampton to a person in Kentish Town even though THE SAME BAND were also playing London. Mixing up latitude and longitude I think, all good now! Still not making many sales though, it's earned me about a pound so far.

It's dark now, it's night time. If it wasn't dark, I think it would still be hot and sunny.

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