Blog2006 ≫ Monday morning roundup

I'd heard of this before, but didn't know the reason why some councils are refusing to recycle shredded paper1, that's pretty poor.

Commercial director John Collis said: "The small pieces of paper tend to get trapped in the conveyor belts and cause a fire hazard so if it gets into the machine it gets rejected by the equipment"

"We are driven by our marketplace and it does not want shredded paper"

Perhaps they should not be driven by their market place but by some kind of environmental responsibility, they're not really sending out the right message at the moment.

Nice weekend, went too fast though. I had a quiet night in on my own on Friday night, as Clare was out in London with friends. My weekend nearly started disastrously as I tripped over something in the dark while concentrating on untangling my headphones - luckily my body broke my fall though. I spent the rest of the weekend aching, I really hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. Glad I didn't drop my phone or anything. Saturday, also spent alone as the wife and the rest of her family were off at Classical Spectacular at the Albert Hall, which I didn't fancy at all. Spent most of the day trying to get TV things working on my IPAQ, and got there in the end, so today for the journey home I have an episode of Dexter. I'll soon be caught up on all my crap American TV! Also did some tweaking of styles on, using jquery.com2 to hide / display bits. More work to do.

Saturday night, on the return of the family from their flag waving extravaganza, we went to pubs. First stop The Park Inn, near the station, bit rough but OK - they have a real ale on now, they never did on previous visits. Then on to Chambers, we never go there these days. It was OK, but some of the party wanted to move from beer on to wine, so we headed to La Vue, and that was a bit rubbish. Full of a very young looking crowd for some reason. There was a general disappointment in the air regarding the pubs of Folkestone, there aren't many that are good at all, and when we are in a crowd there's no way we're going to find somewhere that will please everyone, so we ended up pleasing no-one. Things were that bad that we even talked about selling up and moving to Dover! We must have had more to drink than I thought...

Also from, an article about the popularity of pub quizzes4, and a free quiz for you to do. I remember that Mastermind champ from school, not my year though. We've decided not to go to the quiz this week, going to give some other people a chance every other week...

More Habitat furniture on Ebay5, a table and benches that we don't have room for, though we'd quite like some chairs like that. Interestingly this person has refused an offer of 550 for the lot, but they have no reserve and it's currently at 200... I'm sure it'll reach a fair price.

Work is going OK, thanks, two more weeks to go here.

Yesterday we mostly cooked curry and chilli for the freezer for the week, and then watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2. It's a bit rubbish really. Great style and that, but the story's a bit of a mess, and the pace of it is a bit weird. It piled right into the action, I guess that's part of it being part two of a trilogy. Too much emphasis on the supernatural element and special effects too, and not enough good honest pirating, ARRR!!!

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