Blog2009 ≫ Updating my gigography

Trail of Dead and Snow Patrol gig was at ULU, of course.

Got some quiet time, Clare is at yoga so playing on the internets. I'm sure I have some more serious stuff to be doing with a baby due in under a week, got lots of bits of broken DIY around the place, but I'm putting them off for now...

See unofficial trail of dead gigography1, they have a missteak I think. I was at that gig at ULU (I knew the date from this popex post of the time but not the venue - looks like it is ULU, the missteak is that they say Foo Fighters were there too. Surely I'd have noticed that? Think it's more likely that the ULU date was slotted in on a day off from the Foo Fighters tour. Sounds like it was the first time I saw Snow Patrol, and I really liked them.

Done some work at the weekend on gig pages like this one, fixing up the content, adding voting and microformatting it and that. Not that interesting to you but might help me remember these things when I am old and really never leave the house any more.

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