Blog2007 ≫ Great weekend

Splendid birthdays thanks, we had a meal at Escondido and drinks at The Ship just for a specially rare birthday treat, then also our work festival on Saturday with bands and barbecue and things, all free, they really put in an effort. Saturday night we went to Chambers, first time in a long time and first time since the smoking ban. Chambers is a basement bar and it always had a problem with being a bit smokey, so now it has clean air and I'm sure a whole crowd of new people who stayed away before.

Maybe we just don't go out in town so much any more, but there seemed to be a lot of "new" people about. clare says her morning commuter train has getting busier, she doesn't get a free pick of the best seats any more. Folkestone's getting busier.

As always after an extra large weekend I'm not quite geed up for work this morning, even though it's a nice day here I'm still feeling sleepy.

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