Blog2006 ≫ The new telly has not yet arrived

This is where it's going though, I'll be keeping an eye all day...

[picture is lost, doh...]

Set it up in a bit of a hurry, just threw the camera into the corner, and it needs a lot of focussing etc to get a better picture from it, ah well... Got the motion detecting and emailing working on the camera now, though not fully adjusted, it's a bit sensitive. Found out (thanks again Itchypaws that you can't use gmail as the SMTP server for sending from this camera, as the camera doesn't support secure sending and gmail insists on it. Found another though, dug out my password and that and using my ISP. So, as soon as there's movement in our front room, I should get a 1meg 5 second video attachment of a windows media file in my inbox. It's very exciting.

Oh yeah people that I've tried to describe where the telly's going to go, hopefully now you can see. That's the old telly on the floor, and that's an old kitchen cupboard next to it which is making do as a TV cabinet for now. For the last 18 months, and also still for now, yeah I know.

Still sick with cold, but too excited about the telly to be bothered by it. I am at work today btw, hence monitoring the TV delivery action by remote camera.

Having problems with Sky again, so we've got no Freesat yet, we're getting all the kit from a third party supplier (Simpsons of Hythe), but the card has to come from Sky. They say they've sent it, but it's not arrive - this is the same problem we had when we tried to get Sky+ last year...

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