Blog2003 ≫ Three wheeled off road baby buggies

This is why there are so many of them; according to BBC news

In London's Stoke Newington - the new Islington - there are said to be more children under five than anywhere else in Europe

Love how it refers to el presidente as "Labour's Tony Blair" too... thanks for clearing that up, I was thinking of the other one.

Will attempt to import 9000 or so band details and demo reviews into my new band bible system, could get a bit messy... Also doing some promo for MTV2's "Gonzo Tour", featuring some hot bands in our venues soon, got to go in the mailout tomorrow... AND, a meeting. Joy.

7K on the bike this morning, via thee power of IPOD - noticed something annoying though, bands being listed multiple times on the index... thought it was once for each album they have in, but it's not, and on MusicMatch1 the bands only come up once. Have been recommended to upgrade to Music Match 8, there must be some wonky stuff in the tags, will investigate further...

5k: Five km, just over three miles to you.

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