Blog2009 ≫ I do not have a new job, I am not applying for another job

I was joking!

This caused some confusion, sorry, it was just a joke. I am almost certainly not going to be the new singer in Aerosmith. I think it's that people just scanned the headlines of the blog and didn't follow the links off to nme.com1 and so on.

Hoping for a good night from The boy tonight, after last night's horrendous spewing. He has been happy enough, but when I got him up for his 10.30 feed he suddenly vomited everywhere, huge flowing streams of stinking mucusy vomit, lovely. The puking action made him hungry so he wolfed down his feed, then just as I was about to put him down he Mr Creosoted me again. Luckily he missed his own freshly changed gro-bag, but I was in a bad way.

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