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Had a slightly rum Saturday night out but then a lovely Sunday afternoon to follow. Felt a bit queasy on Saturday so although we went out to Folkestone in the day, and had lunch at The Whole World Cafe (felty queasy before we went there, certainly not their fault), and then out again in the evening to Hythe, I came home early and left Clare out with friends. Picked up a bit when I got home, and finally got all my wedding video DVD plans in place, found some software that will burn to DVD for free, without putting a cheeky watermark encouraging me to pay money. Just could not get DVDStyler1 working this time, so no menus or anything, but I think I know what I'm doing now.

Here's some video, a short snippet of wedding footage, that I was using to test the DVDness. Not sure it really gives much idea of how lovely everything was, but have a look anyway:

(flickr footage was here)

Sunday I was feeling much better again, we went out for the afternoon in Hythe. First the all new Red Lion - it really is nice now, but they were CLOSED on a hot Sunday afternoon. And they have a huge garden, madness. Next The Three Mariners, lovely again, bit quiet / local though maybe. Final stop The White Hart on [gmap=hythe high street kent]the high street[/gmap], sat in their courtyard garden, smashing, two thumbs up for them. Home in time to watch this week's Lost, seems to me to be all change again in their back story, hmm.

DB2 training for me yesterday and today, first bit of training I've done for years!

Oh, the new jeans; Clare was after some Seven For All Mankind jeans in the americas; they're hundreds of pounds here and should be half price there. Key West is expensive, which mostly negated any savings. If she will take a chance on a pair of ebay, they're WELL CHEAP. Possibly a gamble, might end up with a fake pair, but we'll see. I've put the jeans over there in the side bar, check them out -->

No it's not trampy and dirty buying things like this second hand. We might even wash them before wearing them. Next stop some new(ish) underwear for me...

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