Blog2005 ≫ Zeitgeist

Good to see is back up again today, this leads me to Google's zeitgeist report for 2005... this is some charts and graphs (I love charts and graphs) of on what people were searching for (and finding) this year. Interesting to see that podcasting gets a mention, but interest doesn't really seem to have grown much over the year.

JUST finished the latest Harry Potter1, as an audiobook this time, so I don't look like a gimp who reads children's books on the train. Alright in parts, but not really recommended. I'm also hopefully about to finish Rob Grant's pretty terrible Incompetence1. It's mostly a lot of whinges about how rubbish things are at the moment, but extrapolated into the future. So it's all the same complaints I have daily about how difficult it is to get anything done, get home on time, get parcels delivered, get anyone to do any work for you, but written down. Again, not recommended. Once I've got this out of the way (can't leave a book unfinished really) then I can get on with Fags and Lager1, which I am looking forward. Plus hopefully santa will bring me a tome or two.

Back to the whinging, our train was late in again, today's delay was caused by another late running train, not really much of a reason. Every day this week we've had some problem, it's far more annoying to be held up on the way home though.

Read popbitch2 this week? Get it, it's good, and it's the last one until the 12th of Jan apparently. This week I particularly enjoyed "Do you like getting popbitch? Want to buy us a drink for xmas3?" the popbitch forum4 is also closing from Christmas eve until the new year.

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