Blog2008 ≫ Lone Star Comedy, now with added German standup

The line up consists of Henning Wehn, Liam Mullone, Jim Smallman and a newcomer's act.

Henning Wehn is the German Comedy Ambassador to the UK. He calmly and clinically debunks the idea that Germans do not have a sense of humour.

Henning does this by shamelessly exposing the British stereotypes of Germans and poking considerable fun at the German nation, its interesting past and current concerns. He can be controversial, but is always great fun. Come and laugh out loud.


It was great to see Henning at Jongleurs on Friday. He was absolutely hilarious. A very intelligent comedian who cleverly dissects his own jokes, and is able to laugh at himself. He plays an excellent character and has thought about every detail, even down to his clothes and choice of stopwatch! A funny, unique act. We will definitely see him again

It was a pleasure to see a new face at Jongleurs this weekend with the arrival on the circuit of popular German comic Henning Wehn. As Henning reaches the stage he immediately offsets the usual I-think-I'm-better-than-you German stereotype by being self-deprecating in both manner and appearance. He has a provocative line in international humour poking fun at both his country and himself with a killer gag about sectarianism and Jews. Joyful to watch, looking forward to having him back in a few weeks.

Chortle May 2008

Liam Mullone launched his comedy career in October 2002, quickly winning the respect of promoters in and around London with an act that, according to veteran comic Bob Mills, is based around "not really understanding how the world works".

He reached the final stages of several major competitions and appeared on ITV's Take The Mike and the BBC New Talent Awards showcase on BBC Three. Just 10 months after first setting foot on a stage he was spotted by Avalon and joined their Comedy Network team for Autumn 2003. He is now performing all over the UK.

His act relies on his sharp, florid way with words and surreal flights of intellectual fancy that is belied by a faltering, perplexed style.


Stunning stuff, delivered with sincerity and style. Kept the whole room mesmerised. Didn't hear a single thing I'd heard before either. Now my fourth favourite comedian! (There's 50 is my chart so not bad)

An awesome act. Why has Liam never won a major competition? He certainly should be a big name, and stands out head and shoulders above most acts on the circuit. Intelligent material delivered in a wonderful, whimsical style. Unique.


Makes a disparate crowd laugh together about life's absurdities

Leicester Mercury

Jim Smallman is a full-time stand-up comedian based in Leicester. He has been performing to acclaim for the past 3 and a half years He was a Laughing Horse new act finalist in 2006, and Equity Comedian of the Year finalist in 2007. Has performed in front of 2000 people at the Leicester Comedy Festival Preview Show (very positive review of this on Chortle) and has performed the full spectrum of gigs - from packed student union, rowdy "stag and hen" filled venues to debuting his hour long show in 2007's Leicester Comedy Festival to a sold-out audience and very positive response.


"Anarchic and matey in equal measures, Smallman boasts a masterful rapport with the audience and clearly takes much delight in pushing the comedy boundaries... his manic energy was easily picked up by the punters" Coventry Evening Telegraph

"An endearing and arresting onstage presence divulging finely crafted autobiographical anecdotes laced with deliciously dark humour. A welcome addition to any evening of quality stand-up. "

Anthony J Brown - Promoter

"I've worked with Jim Smallman for over three years and countless gigs, and he has never failed to enliven and invigorate each night whether doing one of his twisted sets or as an MC. He's the sort of act that audiences talk about and remember..."

Adnan Ahmed, Bottle Rocket Comedy

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