Blog2018 ≫ Not very well dear

Slept not very well at all last night, struggled to drift off, woke in the night, and then was awake again about five.

Obviously not completely awake as I did consider going out for a walk, and then somehow didn't - maybe I dozed off again? Got up at six in the end, came downstairs to work in the Metalsmith version of this website. No, this is not even 90% done this time.

Metalsmith is a lot more complex than Jekyll, but it's going to be a lot faster and a lot more flexible. I'm using Nunjucks as templating this time though I'm worried it's a bit too complex. I think templating should be more locked down than this, there's way to much logic going into that layer.

Working in the office as normal today, still another ten minutes before my alarm goes off though. Wish I had done a bit of exercise instead of sitting here, but at least I have solved a problem on the site and won't be puzzling over it all day.

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