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That's crazy talk, and quite an arrogant viewpoint for Wired - screw building a clock out of voltmeters. I've got a degree in electronics but there is no way I'd open up your iPaq to see why it wasn't working. Gadgets are sold as black boxes, and are pretty much unfixable without the kind of equipment that my Black and Decker toolbox doesn't contain. Cars are the same, open up your hood these days and you'll not be able to do much without a computer supplied by the manufacturer. As for the believing the hype, if a gadget doesn't do what it says on the tin then people would ditch it pretty quickly.

Thankfully my Lego skills are awesome!

Oh, and your replay tags don't seem to work in my Firefox - I'll give them a go in IE - nope, not there either.


💬 Should everything be a black box though? And WHY can't you fix my IPAQ?

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