Blog2005 ≫ Farringdon: RUBBISH

Getting really annoyed by the lack of absolutely ANYTHING near to work, here in Farringdon... the lack of cash machines is pain enough, there are a few around but clearly not enough, any time I need one the queues are huge. Even worse was today's quest for simple vegetables. I tried two Sainsbury's, neither had the veg we wanted and both had MENTAL queues, going fully round the interior of the store. How can this happen? Why's someone not seen this and opened new stores, how is there not the demand when there are always queues like this?

Tried the market in Leather Lane in the end, several greengrocers stalls there. Only one of them had veg, instead of just fruit, and they have overcharged my whoppingly I think. To be generous to them, the fruit looks as if it could be organic, ie it's all a bit wonky and not clean. If it was organic though I'm sure they'd say. This is not a nice market, there are no rosie cheeked farmer's daughters polishing apples on their aprons, it's all crap (even Folkestone market is hardly this bad), but still it's as rammed as everywhere else around here.

In summary, we the people demand MORE cashpoints, more shops selling real things, and less convenience coffee bars and knock off crap. I hate Farringdon.

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